The Confessions of The Oven and Me

Hey Everyone! This post is a collaboration with The Confessions of a Random Blogger, check out his amazing blog here.

It all started when The Confessions of a Random Blogger(TCRB), asked me for advice regarding a food related post that he was working on. 

After some discussion regarding the batter, he went ahead and made the rings. Fast forward a few hours, he sent pictures of some fried things, they were definitely something, just not onion rings.

If you want to know more about this batch of onion rings check out his post here.

After some further research I concluded that a simple text would not be enough to teach him, we would have to join forces to make more edible onion rings. The first batch was beer batter, but we couldn’t get our hands on any beer, so we just substituted it with soda water.

Before we could even think about the batter, we had to focus on chopping the onions. It’s pretty straightforward, cut them into ¼ inch slices and separate the layers to make the rings; but he was sitting and carving out the rings. So before even thinking about the batter, I had to teach him how to cut an onion. 

After crying over his lack of knife skills, we finally had the rings ready and soaking in some cold water. The next step was the batter. The instructions state that we had to add the soda in increments, but when TCBR did it, he just dumped all the beer in one shot. After doing it right we had a pretty good batter that coated the rings beautifully. After a mini photo session it was time to fry.

Lets not get ahead of ourselves here, my technologically challenged friend couldn’t even get the electric stove started.. After a small life lesson, the oil was finally hot. Now, both of us wanted to be fAnCy by coating the rings with crushed chips.

After about 10 minutes we couldn’t be bothered, so we scrapped the idea, ate those 10 rings and decided that a plain batter would be perfectly fine. So while we fried the plain rings, we snacked on the crushed chips. What else did you expect with 2 fatasses in the kitchen. After frying close to 30 rings we were left with 20, 10 were sacrificed in the name of taste testing. They shall be remembered. 

This was also when TCRB decided to go back to being his lazy self, so while I continued frying, he sat on the side waiting for me to finish. After about 30 more minutes of frying, I couldn’t take it anymore and we moved on to making the rings look good for the pictures.

The rings were separated into two piles. Instagram worthy and well…. ugly. The ugly ones were our foundation, on top of which we placed the instagram worthy ones. They looked and tasted pretty good if i do say so myself. Unlike last time, TCBR came out of this without any burns and injuries #proud.

After we finished taking pictures, we gobbled up the remaining rings. What can I say? Cooking made us hungry.

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