Momo’s Corrner- Random Restaurant Reviews

Hey guys!!

Here’s another long awaited collaboration with my best friend, “The Confessions of a Random Blogger“.

The Confessions of a Random Blogger” and I bond over our mutual love for food, which means that we spend most of our time together hopping around the city to visit some of the hottest local food joints, in search for the best to add to our list of regular hangouts.

During one such ‘journey’, caught amidst the throes of another one of my dear friends’ elaborate rambles (yes, I have no idea how I manage to keep up with him), he cuts himself off and turns to me with the speed of a freight train, a gleam in is eye that immediately put me on edge.

“What if we start blogging about the food we eat?!”

It was the perfect excuse to eat to our hearts content and the blame it on work.

So here we are, blogging about our adventures under the clever guise of working. Anything for food, right?

Here’s the first part of what we call Random Restaurant Reviews, a monthly series that will include our thoughts about the place, food and the overall experience.

Momo’s Corrner

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Established in 2006, Momo’s Corrner has been one of our favorite spots throughout high school and now, college. As the name suggests, they serve some of the most delicious momos we’ve ever eaten.

Located on lane 6 in Koregaon Park, this quaint little cafe, or ‘Corrner’ is always bustling. Clearly a local favorite.

And with good reason. Trust us on this one, we’re pretty much Momo connoisseurs now.



Momos Corrner is one of the first places in Pune to specialize in multiple flavors and varieties of momos. Currently, their menu features 7 different kinds of momos, from which Steamed, Fried and Tandoori are their bestsellers.

Each plate comes loaded with 6 pockets of deliciousness and a generous serving of chutney.

Tandoori Momos

These have graced the menu since 2006. Known for their fiery red color and charred edges, they’re a perfectly juicy fiesta for the palate.

Momos Corrner introduced the idea to Pune, and since then many momo joints have tried to replicate it, but the original is still unbeatable.

They are so packed with flavor that even Gordon Ramsay can’t complain.

They have managed to create a perfect blend of Indian spices that complement each other as well as the filling. The charred edges add a touch of bitterness that ties everything together perfectly.

Recently, they added the ‘Jugaad’ Tandoori momos. These are a variation of the Tandoori momos with slightly milder spices, topped with a large heap of cheese. Their orange colour may not be intimidating but it brought tears to my eyes.

Fried Momos

One of my personal favorites, these are your simple steamed momos that have been elevated by a few – actually 50 – notches.

Dunked in bubbling oil, the wrapper is fried until golden brown, providing a crispy, mouth watering vessel for the juicy filling.

Don’t worry about the calories for this one. YOLO.

If you have a shit spice tolerance like me, these are perfect for you. These aren’t your basic steamed momos but they wont burn your taste buds.

If you’re feeling a little adventurous, I recommend the Kurkure momos. These are a variation of the fried momos; instead of a fried wrapper, these are coated in a layer of crushed Kurkure, which adds the crunch and the spice. *Chef’s Kiss*.

Even though they are spicy, these are my personal favorite.

Mark my words, you won’t regret cheating on your diet to try these pockets of heaven.


Each plate comes with a fiery red chutney. It’s made in-house and adds a kick to the momos. If you have a low spice tolerance I would suggest going easy on the sauce, it starts sweet and sour but gradually gets hotter and hotter, until your mouth bursts into flames.

Seriously, the red chutney is not for the faint hearted.

With the Tandoori momos you get a fresh green chutney. Made primarily from mint, this balances out the heat from the spices and brings out the flavor even more. Personally, the mint chutney is a saviour.

Milkshakes and Juice

So you’ve eaten your momos. Greedily coated them in the delicious chutney. The spice is starting to hit you. Your mouth is on fire, eyes glistening with unshed tears.

Now what? Where do you go? How do you soothe your tastebuds?

Don’t worry, Momos Corrner has got you covered.

They serve a variety of fruit juices for people looking for something fresh, and a plethora of shakes from muskmelon to chocolate. These are great for washing down your momos – the shakes can help keep the spices at bay and rescue your sense of taste. My personal favorite is the Kit Kat shake, which I usually pair with the Kurkure momos.


From a small food cart they have come a long way and now have a modest kitchen with enough seating for approximately 30 people. If you are lucky you might find a place to sit, if not you can always take momos to-go and stroll through the various lanes in Koregaon Park.

Check out “The Confessions of a Random Blogger” post for more details.

Overall experience

This place is a go-to for quick and delicious food. Coming here is different from your usual sit down restaurant. Even though they have hundreds of customers on a daily basis, the quality of the food hasn’t changed.

One thing to note is that they do not accept credit cards, so don’t forget to carry cash when you come here.

Something to remember is that they run out of momos pretty fast. Get there between 6-8 pm and you can choose between their chicken, vegetarian and paneer momos. Any later and they would have run out of the first two, leaving you stuck with the paneer momos, just like we were when we went back at 9 pm.

Momo’s Corrner has a special place in my heart. Whether it be someone burning their hand on hot momos or underestimating the spice levels of the chutney, my memories of this place are irreplaceable.

I highly recommend putting this place on your priority list of restaurants to visit in Pune.

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