One O Eight Lifestyle Cafe- Random Restaurant Reviews

Hey guys!! Welcome back to Random Restaurant Reviews!! In our last post, we reviewed Momo's Corrner, a small establishment that serves the best momos in Pune. Check out that post here. This months review is going to be about One O Eight Lifestyle Cafe. Situated on the bustling Lane 5 on Koregaon Park, One O... Continue Reading →

Momo’s Corrner- Random Restaurant Reviews

Hey guys!! Here's another long awaited collaboration with my best friend, "The Confessions of a Random Blogger". "The Confessions of a Random Blogger" and I bond over our mutual love for food, which means that we spend most of our time together hopping around the city to visit some of the hottest local food joints,... Continue Reading →

The Oven and Me – An Update

So, it’s been a while and a lot has happened.  The Oven and Me is now a home-based bakery!!!!  Which means that I’ve been working my butt off trying to deliver orders, figure out inventory and staying alive...just kidding, I’ve been having the time of my life ‘working’. On top of that, I’ve finally started... Continue Reading →

The Confessions of The Oven and Me

Hey Everyone! This post is a collaboration with The Confessions of a Random Blogger, check out his amazing blog here. It all started when The Confessions of a Random Blogger(TCRB), asked me for advice regarding a food related post that he was working on.  After some discussion regarding the batter, he went ahead and made... Continue Reading →

Cereal Killer

Here is another one those posts where I try to keep up with the trends but, procrastinate till its too late. Tik Tok is home to many trends. Disney churros, Dalgona coffee and one of the more recent ones- pancake cereal. I honestly don't know if it's a hit or miss. It's like Dalgona coffee,... Continue Reading →

Life’s Batter With Cake

Quarantine has been one big learning experience, from enhancing my baking to starting my own blog. Binging on cake decorating videos got me motivated to take up the challenge of baking and decorating a cake from scratch. I had successfully baked a cake a little under a month ago, to play it safe I decided... Continue Reading →

Cake It Easy

For Mother's Day I wanted to be adventurous by baking and decorating a cake, I planned to go crazy with it. Luck was not in my favor at all, my cake refused to come out of the pan, even though I had greased the pan. When it finally came out, it had broken in half... Continue Reading →

Churring You Up

There's something about social media, it has the absolute worst timing. I was being my usual lazy self, when I saw that people were going crazy over the fact that Disney has released their churros recipe. After 3 such videos, i was not only feeling lazy but also hungry, unfortunately with me, hunger always wins,... Continue Reading →


For the longest time, I've heard about the cinnamon rolls from Cinnabon. My dad would always tell how they were the best he's had. The cake like rolls with the kick of cinnamon always made its way into any conversation involving baking. When we first got the oven it was one of the things I... Continue Reading →

Summer Blues

I have been eyeing red velvet cupcakes for a while...but I didn't have any red food coloring, I had tons of blue so that led to, blue velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. This recipe belongs to Jennifer from You can find the original recipe here. Ingredients Cupcakes 1 cups granulated sugar½ cup unsalted... Continue Reading →

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